• Lighthouse for Christ Class

    Here at First Baptist, we believe the Bible to hold the inspired Word of God. We actively engage in Bible study groups to promote an environment for studying the Word, applying its truths and principles in our lives, so that we may be the complete man or woman of God that He intended us to be.

  • We were created for two relationships

    1. A relationship with God

    2. A relationship with everybody else

    Each relationship affects the other.

    We don’t lack for “relationships”. Just look at our social media profiles. Many of us have plenty of “friends” through social media. But what we long for are real relationships, people with whom we feel a genuine bond. God desires that for us, too. He designed us to live in community—inn genuine relationships that are far from superficial.

    This study, Real Relationships, examines relationships from a variety of viewpoints: from the foundation of forming true relationships, to the fulfillment we receive from deep friendships, to our responsibility within relationships to those who don’t know Christ. We will discover that an abiding relationship with Christ leads to healthy relationships with everyone else. Be prepared though: we won’t just find the kinds of friends we want for ourselves; we’ll also discover the kinds of friend we need to be to others.

    The weekly sessions:

    • Session 1: Love Like Christ

    • Session 2: Forge True Relationships

    • Session 3: Respect Authority

    • Session 4: See Their Worth

    • Session 5: Share Christ

    • Session 6: Encourage One Another

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